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Software quality and assurance testing is critical for technology investments to pay off and for your business to evolve in a digital-first world. At XBOSoft, it’s our mission to deliver confidence in the quality of our clients’ software products, so that they can be released with assurance and used by customers without doubts — here’s what sets us apart from the competition.

Trust First

Trust is our foundation. If clients don’t trust their QA provider, time-to-market suffers as companies double-check completed tasks and second-guess critical decisions. That’s why we’re solely dedicated to quality assurance. Our broad domain expertise combined with extensive experience across verticals such as healthcare and finance enable XBOSoft teams to quickly establish a relationship of mutual trust and respect. Combined with our guiding values of service, collaboration and integrity, it’s no surprise that we’ve earned a reputation for going above and beyond.


XBOSoft’s corporate culture and business mandate takes its cue from our CEO, Philip Lew. With broad expertise as a software engineer, technology advisor and business founder (Pulse Technologies, Inc.), his 25-year career has shaped and refined his vision for innovative technology services that put client needs first.

With a B.S. and master’s degree in Operations Research and Engineering from Cornell University, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Beihang University, in addition to PMP certification, Lew has the technical training to advance the XBOSoft mission.

Mitel – Senior Lead Software Developer

Q: Why have you continued to use XBOSoft’s services over the years?

  • “Among many reasons, the CEO Philip Lew, is attentive and committed to customer satisfaction. Over the years, our working relationship has grown into a personal friendship”.

Learn more about XBO’s relationship with Mitel in this Case Study!

Experienced Team Players

XBOSoft recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Lew notes that he’s often asked about the company’s success, and has a simple reply: “I’ve had a team together with me, and building the company together for almost the entire time at XBOSoft.” These long-term, experienced team members have helped guide and shape the company, making it possible to form deeper client relationships and discover key client pain points, even before they do.

Why are we different? Trust is in our DNA. Taking the lead of Lew, XBOSoft is committed to developing long-term relationships backed by cutting-edge quality and assurance solutions.

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Established QA Company

Our Service as a Partnership (SaaP) model starts with a lead tester who is solely dedicated to our client. This provides the foundation for growth for both our client’s business, through the consistent delivery of high quality products to THEIR customers, and the QA and testing services combined with deep application knowledge we provide to support such growth.


XBOSoft recently had its 10 year anniversary and celebrated with an all-out company party. Spend a minute with CEO, Philip Lew, to see why he thinks XBOSoft has been successful over the years. Hint – It’s hard to have a winning team with a revolving door.




QA & Testing – “Service as a Partnership”

XBOSoft’s longtime client, BlackLine, has grown from 20 employees to over 500 in the last 10 years. We’ve been with them every step of the way transitioning from from waterfall to agile, incorporating automation, and other testing services. Spend a few minutes with BlackLine’s VP, Software Architecture, Charlie Gaulke, as she discusses the working relationship and benefits to BlackLine in helping them to be successful.



Software testing is what we do all day, every day — If your company is facing any QA & testing challenges or issues and is looking for assistance, please give XBOSoft a call. We are here to help!


QA & Testing – Independent 3rd Party Validation Services

XBOSoft QA services can supplement or augment those of our clients. We often serve as the last line of QA defense so clients don’t have to find and report defects. Our clients frequently cite this as particularly helpful when improving not only one piece of software but their entire development process.

John Smith, former VP at Computer Associates (CA) and Nimsoft, recently joined the Board of Advisors at XBOSoft. In this video, he discusses his experience in using XBOSoft’s software testing services at Nimsoft and the value his team received.


 Learn more about XBO’s relationship with CA/Nimsoft in this Case Study!

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We have the software testing team to back you up.

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