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Software quality is critical for technology investments to pay off. At XBOSoft, it’s our mission to deliver confidence in the quality of our clients’ software products, so that they can be released with assurance and used by customers without doubts — here’s what sets us apart from the competition.

Established QA Company Where Trust Comes First

Trust is the foundation that we’ve built our business on. If clients don’t trust their QA provider to get the job done, time-to-market suffers as companies double-check completed tasks and second-guess critical decisions. That’s why we’re solely dedicated to quality assurance. For over 12 years, XBOSoft has worked with Fortune 500 to small independent developers, serving clients across North America and Europe. Our broad domain expertise combined with extensive experience across verticals such as healthcare and finance enable XBOSoft teams to quickly establish a relationship of mutual trust and respect. Combined with our guiding values of service, collaboration and integrity, it’s no surprise that we’ve earned a reputation for going above and beyond. That means not just doing what you tell us to do, but strategically thinking how to improve your software quality.

XBOSoft’s Awards and Recognitions

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Clients Who Trust XBOSoft

“They automated the web application testing by almost 95% within three months.”

- Lead QA, Whil

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“They’re technically skilled and great at software development.”

- Director of PMO, MatrixCare

MatrixCare Logo

“They're very proactive and always follow through on tasks.”

- President, REAL Software Systems

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"XBOSoft is able to see things from a different perspective and ask smart questions."

- CEO, Mobile MedSoft

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"Their work is very good and their attention to detail is excellent."

- Director of Engineering, Sago Mini

Sago Mini

"Our employees are always either requesting to work with
them or requesting to have more of their resources."

- Software Engineer, BlackLine

XBOSoft BlackLine case study

"XBOSoft has some of the most detailed and careful
test execution and reporting I’ve ever seen."

- DevOps Director, Bongo

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"They work hard and make the customer happy."

- Agile Coach, AKVA group Software AS

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“A CEO who’ll make an effort to visit you once a year to make sure you are happy with their
services is at the top of my personal list [of recommendations.]”

- Peter Menhart, Senior Lead Software Developer, Mitel

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“The key to any software application is to have the interface offer the flexibility that will drive
fast and accurate results. XBOSoft enables us to achieve these broad-based goals.”

- Project Manager, Adra Match

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“What I have seen so far is that you have done a great job!”

- Project Manager, AdminControl

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“In our early discussions and pilot testing program with XBOSoft, they demonstrated
impressive knowledge and experience in our type of CPM application. ”

- VP of Development, Host Analytics

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"We have appreciated the high quality work your team
has done as well as your leadership"

- Board Member, Rightsline

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“"You've produced a good piece of work! Excellent!" ”

- Chief of Development, QuestBack

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“When our requirements change, they’re willing
to shift and adapt to what we need.”

- Software Developer, Telecommunications Company

Long-Term QA Partnerships

Listen to what our clients have to say regarding what they believe is behind our multi-year partnerships.

CharlieXBOSoft’s longtime client, BlackLine, has grown from 20 employees to 500+ over the last 11 years. We’ve been with them every step of the way. Spend a few minutes with BlackLine’s VP, Software Architecture, Charlie Gaulke, as she discusses the working relationship and benefits to BlackLine in helping them to be successful.

Click here to play the Youtube video

John SmithJohn Smith, former VP at Computer Associates (CA) and Nimsoft, recently joined the Board of Advisors at XBOSoft. In this video, he discusses his multi-year experience in using XBOSoft’s QA services at CA/Nimsoft and the value his team received.

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Committed and Experienced Team Players

XBOSoft recently celebrated its 12th year anniversary. XBOSoft’s CEO Philip Lew notes that he’s often asked about the company’s success, and has a simple reply: “I’ve had a team with me building the company together for almost the entire time at XBOSoft.” These committed, and now very experienced team members have helped guide and shape the company, making it possible to form deeper client relationships and truly understand the nuances of each client’s product. Many of our clients say that XBOSoft understands their product better than they do themselves.

Phil LewXBOSoft recently celebrated its 12th year anniversary. Spend a minute with CEO, Philip Lew, to see why he thinks XBOSoft has been successful over the years. Hint – It’s hard to have a winning team with a revolving door.


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Put our team of experts to work for you!

Put our team of experts to work for you!