Agile Velocity Metrics

You’re working on a software product or project using agile but you can’t tell whether or not you’re getting better?

Are you able to release faster than before AND with better quality? Is agile working for you? You are in charge of testing and want to succeed but how do you know if you are improving?

Improvement starts with measuring. You may know what your velocity is, but do you know the elements that influence your velocity? If you don’t know how you are doing on these items, how can you improve upon it? But measurement and metrics with agile are slightly different than with traditional software projects. Whether you already collect metrics and want to compare notes, or you are starting from scratch, download our agile velocity metrics white paper. In it you’ll find these areas covered and more:

  • How velocity and quality go hand and hand
  • What are the key ingredients for long term successful improvement with metrics
  • What are the critical parts of the process to measure in agile to attain velocity and why
  • How to connect agile velocity metrics with the overall goals of agile
  • How to interpret metrics with an agile velocity looking glass

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