We’re pleased to announce that our stems scholarships committee has selected the 2022 college scholarship contest winner! There were many impressive applicants, but the committee has recognized this candidate stands out due to her academic excellence, community support, and ability to overcome obstacles in pursuit of her goals. As the overall winner, Alexandra Zamitalo will receive $1000 stem scholarship price to help toward her education.


Introducing our 2022 STEM scholarship winner

Alexandra is a PhD student at the University of South Florida. She is currently employed by the school in a research capacity and is majoring in Biomedical Engineering. The mission of improving software quality has been a motif throughout her academic career, especially throughout her Master’s. Her Master’s thesis involved developing and analyzing an iOS application for use in the early identification of cephalopelvic disproportion (CPD) in rural areas of under-developed countries like Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Here is what Alexandra says The XBOsoft stem scholarship offered a chance to celebrate the software embedded in all STEM fields. Being awarded this scholarship does much more than aid the completion of my PhD in Biomedical Engineering — it engenders a sense of accomplishment unlike any other that the software features I’ve worked so hard to learn and incorporate into the work I do within the degree programs I’ve been a part of so far has been deserving of recognition. Perhaps most importantly, it encourages me to continue to explore the intersections between software and biomedical engineering.”

This is what the STEM scholarship means to her

Why does XBOSOFT sponsor STEM scholarships?

As QA and software testing leaders, we get exposed to extraordinary software developments. Through our interaction with our varied customers, we have our pulse on the science and technology trends and can see where it is all going. Technology and software are everywhere and are changing the way businesses do business. For example, you might be in the loaning business and suddenly have to manage software and its many problems.

Come and take part in our 2023 STEM scholarship

The committee came across many highly qualified and aspiring applicants during this contest. We at XBOSoft thank you for the time and effort you took to apply. We encourage our finalists and all applicants to reapply for next year’s scholarship! The deadline to apply for XBOSoft’s STEM Scholarships will be August 1, 2023.

Learn more and apply on our XBOSoft STEM Scholarship page.