Going through notes for the metrics one day workshop at PNSQC entitled “Software Quality Metrics to Go“, we applied Basili’s GQM (Goal Question Metric) paradigm and methodology to software quality. In particular, we called it Agile GQM, where we came up with 2 primary goals for agile, quality and speed (velocity) and input that to the GQM paradigm. Given the goal of quality, we also focused on the end user point of view, and came up with some interesting questions:

  1. Did we meet acceptance criteria”
  2. Was demo feedback positive or negative?
  3. Did customers find critical defects?
  4. Are defects less severe than before?
  5. Do customers prefer us more than the competition?
  6. Are customers advocating our product?
  7. Are we prioritizing testing correctly?
  8. Is the software easy to maintain?
  9. Is the software easy to scale?
  10. Are we ‘over’ testing – Expending unnecessary resources?
  11. Do we break things when fixing?
  12. Are our resources suitable for the tasks assigned?

These questions, in turn, were used in the class as a feeder for metrics that could be used to answer these questions. It was a great session where everyone was able to take home some real objectives that were directly connected to metrics. Hence the title of the workshop “Software Quality Metrics to Go”.  For our Agile GQM framework, can you think of what metrics could answer these questions for the ‘quality’ goal?