On Sept 4 2013, XBOSoft hosted an agile seminar and group discussion in Den Haag, NL.

The word of the day was Communication.

Four expert speakers presented their experiences in optimizing the agile development process to an audience of software quality and agile managers from local ISV and enterprise organizations.

Throughout the presentations it was clear that keys to success include communicating and having a little fun when working in agile groups.

The event also included an opportunity for an information exchange between the group and speakers. The discussion was based on best practices and lessons learned and the built upon the presentations.  Everyone agreed that moving from testing in a waterfall setting to agile can be tricky and mutual respect, communication and teamwork are vital to success.

Guest speakers Roland Fellinger and Vivian Wiersum, of TJIP collaborated with Shawn Shang of XBOSoft on a presentation of managing global agile teams. They told of their experiences of working together on a globally distributed agile team toward the ultimate goal of better software and customer satisfaction.

XBOSoft and TJIP have been partnering on software quality assurance and testing services, since 2011.  XBOSoft provides a dedicated team of specialists that work together with the Test and Development teams of TJIP with daily communication and open participation.

Guest speaker Kamiel Wanrooij, senior vice president of engineering at TIE Kinetix spoke of his more than a decade of agile experience & shared 5 keys lessons learned for implementing agile QA .

Overall, the casual yet informative seminar received positive feedback from the group and everyone was communicating, networking and having a little fun at the Caballero Fabriek, overlooking the water on a lovely September afternoon.


Roland Fellinger,TJIP


Vivian Wiersum,TJIP and Shawn Shang, XBOSoft


Kamiel Wanrooij, TIE Kinetix


About TJIP

With a passion for innovation, TJIP, one of the leading software development companies in the Netherlands, has been working with clients  in the finance, insurance and healthcare industries for over 10 years. TJIP provides  solutions that are based on a combination of standard and custom components.

About TIE Kinetix

TIE Kinetix transforms the digital supply chain by providing total integrated e-commerce solutions. These integrated e-commerce solutions maximize revenue opportunities by minimizing the energy needed to market, sell and deliver online. TIE Kinetix develops cloud and license based solutions, and is backed with over 25 years of proven technology and awards. TIE Kinetix is a publically traded company on the NYSE Euronext, and has offices in the United States, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom and Australia.

About XBOSoft

XBOSoft is an international firm specializing in software quality assurance with branch offices in the USA and Europe. With a proven record of success working for Fortune 500 companies and specialized ISVs, XBOSoft has gained broad domain expertise with extended experience in finance and healthcare. Our commitment to software quality improvement is implemented through practical quality assurance processes combined with deep technical expertise.