We had several questions from our recent XBOSoft webinar with Srilu Pinjala,“So You Think You Can Write a Test Case.”

With regard to Agile test cases and test case development: “What do you do in the mean time between development and when the app/software is ready? Is it not advisable to write the test cases based on the product specification instead of waiting for the software to be ready?

We had a chat with Srilu about this and here is what she says:

The time the developers write code is assumed to be time when the testing folk have nothing to do. But this is the time one can:

  1. Write test cases for a previous sprint.
  2. Write automation scripts for the completed features.
  3. Use exploratory testing for consistency, and feature use case understanding and expansion.
  4. Talk to your developers and business analysts regarding any features or concerns.​
  5. Understand as much as possible about the coming product features. Then expand upon it with your wildest dreams because it is most likely that the requirements and product itself will be much different.

You are the best judge for this question’s answer depending on you, your organization, culture and process.

Srilu’s opinion about when to write a test case is based on her many years of hands-on experience working in QA for numerous companies. (Check out the webinar here) Agile test cases, along with much more, will be the subject of a forthcoming White Paper. Stay tuned!