For the projects I work on which are Agile (Scrum), many people ask me: “What about an agile test plan”. In my opinion, we do not need a test plan anymore. The reasons are that:

1. For scrum, we only focus what we will do in the next sprint (2-4 weeks) at the beginning of each sprint.
2. At the beginning of each sprint, there is a planning meeting, where all team members together plan the work for the next sprint. In the planning meeting, we:
a. Move the user story from product backlog to sprint backlog based on velocity and product
b. Prioritize the user stories for that sprint
c. Estimate the effort for each user story
d. Decompose the user story to detailed tasks, which usually include the testing tasks (test
specification, test execution) and estimate the effort for each task
3. So at the end of planning meeting, all work for the next sprint are prioritized and decomposed to detailed work, including the testing work. The team starts from the high priority user story.

So actually, the ‘agile test plan’ is already there within the plan for the sprint, then the only left thing is to allocate the resources. That is, who is responsible for doing the testing work. However, note that in scrum, there are team members all striving for on-time and quality delivery, but there are no tester and developer roles. Everyone should pick up what he/she can do. Of course in reality, a ‘tester’ will do the testing tasks and a ‘developer’ will pick-up the development tasks.