Software testing firm XBOSoft has newly published two white papers focusing on Quality and Velocity. Download Agile Testing Metrics white papers for software quality assurance improvement and increased productivity.

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) January 26, 2015

agile testing metrics

Agile Testing Metrics White Papers, written and published by the global software testing firm XBOSoft, are now available to download from their website at Agile Quality Testing Metrics White Paper and Agile Velocity Testing Metrics White Paper

The two white papers follow on from the top 10 Agile Metrics webinar the company hosted a month ago, and explore great insights into what to measure and how to connect metrics to real Agile goals. The key ingredients for long term successful improvement with metrics are listed with explanations on each, and what the critical parts of the process to measure in Agile and why. XBOSoft offer ways to connect metrics with Agile goals and then how to interpret metrics with an Agile looking glass.

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