The Agile Testing Solution market shows growth because it’s huge…

Analyzing Data

Why is that?

Any Agile Testing Solution contains so many elements. Many think of a ‘solution’ and automatically think of a tool that can be used as the “agile solution” but this is far from reality. Drawing a crude analogy, if you wanted a solution for a wardrobe cabinet, and bought an all purpose toolkit that had a variety of ratchet wrenches, screwdrivers, nails, and hammers would that be a solution? Rather a solution depends on what your objectives are, your personal (or corporate) requirements and needs. You also need raw materials; the people to get the job done. In short, at XBOSoft, we believe an “agile solution” contains a few critical elements:

  1. People with the right skills and attitude to get the job done – Many say that “Software testing is dead”; that we don’t need software testers anymore. In a classic sense where testers solely find defects after development is complete, this is a true statement. In an Agile world, rather than wait for the final software to be delivered, testers have become more about quality than testing. And quality is a big word involving many ‘shift left’ activities including writing and reviewing user stories and requirements, developing unit tests or ensuring developers have clearly testable code. Agile Quality versus Agile Testing requires a different mindset and flexibility that we all need to adapt to.
  2. Methods, models, and measurements – With people who are flexible in attitude and skills, the next thing to consider is Agile methods, models, and measurements. Yes, you can still have metrics in Agile, but perhaps different than what you’re used to. In Agile, other than velocity, there are so many upstream measurements to consider that affect velocity as a downstream result. Whether you use Kanban, Scrum, or some adapted hybrid, it always helps to think about how you’ll know whether you’re improving or not.
  3. Tools that can support the methods and people – Notice that tools should be considered last. After you figure out what you want to build and how you want to build it, then go out and find tools that can do that for you. Avoid a tools first Agile strategy.

Hence, this is why the “Agile Testing Solution” market is so large. And, fortunately, XBOSoft is a key player in the market.

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