Mobile automation is hot these days. Most or all of our clients either have a mobile platform or are moving toward a mobile platform. Some new clients even have a mobile-first or mobile-only strategy. The mobile platforms we have to test continues to grow and with the growth of platforms, and application complexity comes more need for automation. The automation tool market is quite fragmented and immature, but we continue to try out new tools as they come out. We’ve been using Appium a lot lately. Hence, we build up the previous blog by Alan – Mobile Application Automated Testing Using Appium) and now have a white paper done by Allen (yes, it can be confusing sometimes). Allen originally wanted to do a blog, but it turned out too long, so he did an Appium Tutorial and put on our website as “Appium Mobile Test Automation Tutorial – Getting Started with Windows“.

“Appium is proving to be a hot tool for mobile automation as it allows for cross-platform automation tests for iOS, Android, and Firefox OS applications. This white paper is a basic Appium Tutorial to help you get up and running with this tool.

Although Appium is most commonly used on Macintosh and Linux, many use it on Windows. This tutorial provides basic instructions and tips for setting up Appium on Windows. A test script is also provided in JAVA written for beginners to start up quickly.”

Check it out!