Many agile proponents are not only applying agile methodologies to software development but also, business processes as well as corporate management. It’s not uncommon for a management team to have 2 week sprints where they sit down during a planning meeting and decide what will get done in the next 2 weeks. Agile works for everything? While we seem to have this idea that Agile belongs to those who drafted the manifesto up on a weekend, perhaps it is really part of something much bigger. In this recent article on ‘nowist’ innovation, it mentions that traditional rules don’t work anymore. Perhaps agile got its roots from Nowism, or vice versa. Some of the key concepts of nowism include:

  • Power of Pull – pull resources from the network as needed instead of stocking resources. This is another word for storming, or ‘go where you are wanted and needed’. We don’t need people in fixed positions as a ‘stocked resource’. Rather we need to pull people to where they are needed. This means that team members need to be flexible with diverse skill sets.
  • Learning over Education – Education is what people do to you, learning is what you do for yourself. Most important is to learn how to learn. This is a key concept of agile where we are constantly trying to improve, examine ourselves through retrospectives, and ‘self organize’ to get better.
  • Compass Over Maps – costs of plans are high and especially when they are difficult to maintain. Like agile software development using a compass in real time lowers chances of failure by providing a direction rather than a blueprint for exactly how the software should operate.

This sounds a lot like agile huh? Applying agile methodologies and an agile mindset can go a long way! After all, who wants to be the opposite of agile? Can you imagine someone saying, we don’t want to be agile, we want to be slow and inflexible…