Customer satisfaction ranks as perhaps XBOSoft’s top internal priority. In our 10 years of providing quality software testing services, we have cultivated long-term relationships with our customers. To make sure we’re meeting expectations, we regularly reach out to our customers for honest, no-holds-barred feedback. While we love praise, hearing what we can do better is even more important. That’s how we get better. We asked Daryna Bronnykova, director of engineering for Benbria, to assess our software testing services. Benbria, based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, makes software that targets the restaurant and hospitality industries. It has been an XBOSoft client since 2010.

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Q: Can you give us background on your working relationship with XBOSoft? How did you learn about the company? What were your software testing and quality assurance needs at the time? When did you begin working with XBOSoft?

Daryna: We started working with XBOSoft in March of 2010 and have been working together ever since. Our co-founder, Mason Du, received an introduction to the company from a friend. At the time, we did not have a lot of automated tests, and as a young start-up did not have a very big testing budget. XBO helped us establish a QA process and ensure quality of our builds through functional testing of various product components.

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Q: How would you describe the partnership between the two companies?

Daryna: We have biweekly product releases and we work together with XBO on functional testing of the release candidate versions. I interface with our QA Team Lead, XBOSoft’s Jack Wang, providing release notes and outlines of which areas need to be covered for every regression. Jack prepares new test cases, verifies the test coverage and manages the team that executes on the tests. We have a shared GitHub repository for tracking issues discovered in regression. We work very closely together during the regression testing, and despite the fact that our teams are geographically separate, we basically function and work as a single unit.

Q: What added value have you realized from XBOSoft’s software testing services?

Daryna: One of the great things about XBO is that our QA team scales with our needs. As our business grew, our testing needs increased and XBO was able to support them seamlessly, adding more resources to our team and even accommodating short “bursts” of activity during crunch times.

Whatever magic they do in the background to help us meet our deadlines and the growing demands on our product are abstracted away from us, and our billing is simple and straightforward. And they are very responsive and flexible. For example, we’ve had projects where to meet a tight deadline we needed resources added to our team for a short period of time. XBO was able to accommodate this on a very short notice, which really helped us deliver everything we needed on time.

Another great aspect of working with XBO is that in the six years we have been working together, our QA Team Lead changed only once. Such continuity allowed us to develop a personal relationship and saved a lot of precious time on training. Jack knows as much about the product as I do at this point and has all the context of the past revisions and design changes, which makes our software testing reliable and fast. Jack also has a wonderful sense of ownership, which manifests in how meticulous and invested he and his team are. They go above and beyond to assure our releases are stable and on time and they are a pleasure to work with.

Q: If you were to recommend XBOSoft to another company, what attributes would you emphasize?

Daryna: Continuity due to low attrition, reliability and flexibility in schedules. Also, independence and good judgment, which together help reduce the overhead in communicating detailed instructions.

Q: Would you say that XBOSoft’s services have contributed to your company’s growth and profitability?

Daryna: Jack and his team have made it possible for us to release on very tight schedules, allowing us to recognize our revenue faster and helping move the projects along. They play a crucial part in our release process and contributed to our success.