Many companies talk and write about the concept of a software quality center of excellence. At XBOSoft, over the last 10 years, we’ve satisfied one client at a time as we have continued to build up our expertise. Having just celebrated our 10 year anniversary, I believe that XBOSoft’s software quality center of excellence resides in our team.

XBOSoft Software Quality Center of Excellence - Our People

Creating a Software Quality Center of Excellence through great people.

I’m writing about this because I must say that I was extremely proud of our team today. I did a routine check up call with two of our clients. I usually start the call off with, “I just wanted to check in with you to make sure everything is going ok and that our team is doing a good job for you. I want to make sure that if you have a complaint or an area that you think we can improve, that you have a number you can call and a person who will listen.”

In both of my calls I listened as our clients discussed that they were more than satisfied with our services. It made me realize how easy my job is because our team is so strong.

Andrew Hall, principal software engineer from Gridsmart, had this to say:

“We’re absolutely a happy client. Your team has found several issues that we didn’t find and have made several recommendations to make the product easier to use for our end users. We’re definitely getting our money’s worth out of XBOSoft.” 

When I kidded him that I had a tape recorder on, he said; “You can quote me on that.” Wow! I felt so proud!

XBOSoft went to two trade shows recently, DeveloperWeek in San Francisco and HIMSS in Orlando. As I was discussing our company’s capabilities with potential clients, I started to think about what makes XBOSoft different from other software QA companies. I came up with four key points:

1. Full time employees dedicated to the craft of software QA. We don’t do development, nor do we hire testers who hope to be developers.  Our employees are in it for the long haul and work for XBOSoft full time; they’re not moonlighting or trying to earn extra money on weekends and weeknights.

With a focus on open source tools such as JMeter and Selenium, our team is able to dig deep into many of the nuances in parameterization and framework development with a multi-tier training process designed to develop their skills in a structured and progressive manner. With focus and dedication to professional development, we’ve become a thought leader in the industry speaking regularly at international conferences for both tutorials and keynotes on trends and best practices.

Furthermore, our team members continue to develop not only testing expertise but domain experience. Every client we work with continues to deepen our expertise in that domain. And we’re fortunate to have built up deep experience in both healthcare and accounting software.

2. Trustful long term relationships with both clients and employees. Our employees stay with us for a long time. We were founded 10 years ago and we still have several team members who joined us way back then. We treat our employees well–so well, that some that have left XBOSoft have decided to return. Our average staff member has over five years of experience in testing software. Because of this they’re able to test our clients’ software at a deep level. Our clients love our deep expertise and, like our employees, they remain with us as we become partners rather than contractors.

3. Low management overhead. The last thing you want is more work to do. We ease your pain, and don’t add to it because once we’re up and running, we don’t need to be told what to do. With some firms, you may end up hiring people just to manage them and check their work. With XBOSoft, because of our long term employees and retained knowledge, most of our clients (who are also long term) say that we end up knowing their software just as deeply or even more so than they do. Charlie Gaulke, VP of Development at BlackLine said:

Yesterday was an eye opening experience for me going through the XBOSoft bugs. I’m impressed with their knowledge of the application’s functionality including the nuances of the role based security.

4. Transparency and straightforwardness. We don’t monkey around with hours billed. We charge a flat rate per month as if we are part of your team. Just like you expect your employees to do what it takes to get the job done, our employees feel the same way about our clients and are committed to the quality of their software. They’ll work on weekends and put in overtime just like you’d expect from a full time employee.

What does that mean? No surprises at the end of the month where you’re wondering how did this person work and bill me 203 hours this month? What were they doing? You know what we’re doing everyday because we’re in contact with your team as if we are one of them, providing daily reports with content that we’ve designed together.

To sum it up, building a software quality center of excellence has taken a long time. It’s not something that happens overnight. In the last 10 years, we’ve assembled a team of quality people with loyal clients. With that foundation, XBOSoft has stood the test of time while many others have come and gone. It’s an accomplishment that I’m extremely proud of and I hope that our employees and clients feel the same way.