What’s your Cloud Software Testing IQ? 

At today’s XBOSoft webinar on Cloud Software Testing, March 6,  Bill Wilder, Windows Azure MVP, shared 7 nuggets that could help change your approach and cost management regarding cloud software testing. As many companies are struggling with getting up various test environments quickly and inexpensively, cloud software testing, aka using cloud resources, has risen up as a great opportunity to use or rent resources rather than owning them. However, many are still confused regarding the options, and the tradeoffs with each. Bill, having a deep background in Azure technologies, started by giving an overview what ‘cloud’ means. Then he clarified the various cloud service models such as PaaS, IaaS and SaaS. He also distinguished different types of cloud computing; Private, Community, Public and Hybrid and how the new BYO (Bring Your Own) paradigm fits in with these models. He noted, “Software designed to take advantage of public cloud features is different from traditional software. It stands to reason that testing such software will require some different insights and approaches.”  With examples of each, he noted the cost factors as well as other factors that should be considered when evaluating for your enterprise test environment. Most notably, he discussed how to control costs as most people go toward the cloud to control costs in test environments as one big deciding factor.

Bill is also the Principal Consultant at Development Partners Software in Boston.  His presentation on Cloud Software Testing also available on Slideshare.