Clutch Unveils 2021 Global IT Services Leaders

XBOSoft LogoIt’s an honor to be recognized by Clutch as a global leader in software testing services. However, to be considered as a leader in an international context is not unexpected for a company such as XBOSoft. We’ve been leaders in our field for over a decade that has seen many firms come and go. As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, we continue to focus on what has gotten us this far, those elements that set us apart from the competition, today, and hopefully tomorrow.

A culture that promotes growth and belonging: With an employee turnover that is the lowest in the industry with the average employee staying over 8 years, we feel we’ve got something going right here at XBOSoft. Company culture can be a nebulous concept. Everyone talks about it, but it’s difficult to put your finger on. At XBOSoft, our family oriented culture, even for a company our size, has been consistent from the beginning. Starting with treating people fairly, and most of all, trusting that our team members will have good judgement doing what is right for the company and our clients, we’ve created an environment that’s tough to leave. Even some employees that do leave, have “come back home” to be part of our family-oriented, yet professional culture where they can take on new responsibilities and grow with XBOSoft both professionally and personally.

Long-term clients that do our advertising for us: Having been in business for 15 years, we haven’t accomplished this by moving from client to client and project to project. Rather, many of our clients stay with XBOSoft for the long haul. We even have several that we’ve worked with for over a decade. For these long-term clients, we’ve built up trust that can’t be replaced. In some cases they’ve grown from 20 people to over 1000, growing from a small start-up to a burgeoning public company. We’ve been with them every step of the way, as their staff increases, comes, and goes, XBOSoft has been a constant and consistent element in their release process ensuring that regression testing gets done when and where they need it, whether it be a quarterly release or a hotfix. 

Accumulated domain and technical expertise: You could say this is our secret weapon. With the previous two elements, we reap the rewards of team members who stay with XBOSoft. This means that they accumulate knowledge of our clients’ software sometimes deeper than our clients themselves. Many of our clients can’t believe the types of defects that we find and depend on us to be their last line of defense to ensure high-quality software is released to their end-users. Not only are we expert at finding defects that matter, but many clients also find the thoroughness of our test cases depicting our deep knowledge of their software as a foundation for their own employees to learn their software. As such, we’ve accumulated deep expertise in such domains as finance, accounting, and healthcare, with the breadth to cover even sub-specialties in areas such as account reconciliation, multiple currencies, financial reporting, pharmacy labeling, and medical devices.

Of course, there is a lot more that goes into being a global leader, but intangibles like those mentioned above are the ones that make a difference in the long run. If you’re interested in how XBOSoft can help you take your software quality to the next level and partnering with us as your secret weapon against the competition, reach out to us today

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