When XBOSoft founder and CEO Philip Lew talks about the importance of collaborative testing with the company’s clients, he’s speaking not only about testing, but also about something that he practices outside the business arena.

One powerful example: His volunteer work with the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference. Known by its members as PNSQC, the organization has been hosting conferences devoted to quality and testing since 1983. Phil has been among its most active volunteers in recent years.

Phil Lew has served on the board and the social media committee, made presentations, and identified keynote speakers to support the program committee’s efforts. He’s made videos and done webinars to promote the conference, among his many other activities to support PNSQC.

agile teammates

Agile Partners – Melissa Chavez, Phil and Moss

This year, he took his collaborative inclination to a new level when he invited fellow PNSQC volunteer Moss Drake to co-present a workshop at the conference.

“I’ve always liked Moss and felt that we would make a good workshop team,” Phil says. “When I asked him to join me, he was excited at the prospect.”

“What I actually said to Phil was, ‘Really? Cool!’” Moss recalls. But he had no idea how it would all unfold.

“There are so many ways risks and uncertainty affect software projects. Having an agile mindset helps reduce some of those risks. I guess, doing this workshop was an exercise in uncertainty in itself,” he says.

Moss not only works as a software developer and project leader for a subsidiary of Portland-based Moda Health, but also pursues cartoon-style art in his free time. Each year, he produces lively sketches of scenes from the conference. One of them appears here below.

testing metrics mistakes

Moss Drakes artistic flair from Rex Black’s PNSQC keynote

The two colleagues teamed up on the topic Managing Uncertainty and Risk in Agile Software Projects. Their workshop was a hit: They learned later that it received an nearly unprecedented 5 out of 5 rating from the audience.

But that’s what can happen when two parties truly embrace a collaborative testing style and carry that forward into their lives in working hard together to prepare a strategy for success, and then execute on the plan. For Phil, and for the entire XBOSoft team, collaboration comes naturally. The results validate the process.