Many say that high quality = high cost. What do you think of the cost of quality? I say, it’s not true at all. When you consider that when you have high quality to begin with, you reduce the number of ‘checkers’, there are less returned products, no jams to get out of, no disappointments, no client or customer confrontations. All of these things lead to extra work that could be avoided if we paid a just a little more attention to client and customer needs. When thinking about the cost of quality, we need to consider the cost of no quality or the cost of client dissatisfaction which could be loss of a customer. How much is each customer or client worth to you? That is the cost of quality.

Implementing quality into our organization is tough, even though we ourselves provide software quality services for our clients. It means we have to commit to continuous improvement and not settle for ‘good enough’ with a systematic means to continuously improve. It starts with good people. People are our most valuable resource. We can’t afford to settle for second rate, and just as the Alfred Lansing says in Endurance, “Only those that can carry their own weight can make the trip”. Would you buy a defective computer? or a 2nd hand copier? We feel the same about our people and take the time to find and search out the best. We can’t afford to settle for average if we want to provide quality services for our clients.

So for XBOSoft, the cost of quality equates to taking the time to find the right people, and not settling for ‘good enough’ in everything. Unfortunately, even though this is very important it can be hard to quantify. As Albert Einstein said, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”

What is the cost of quality in building your software?