Sometimes there a a need to party, and when we’re able to increase defect removal efficiency for our clients, we party up. Metrics are a key part of measuring our service provided to our clients, so we track it carefully. Not only do we need to measure the DRE % in aggregate, but also by tracking pre-production defect issue types versus post-production issue types, we can determine where we need to focus more effort, and possibly beef up our knowledge. For instance, if most post-production defects are found on certain platforms then perhaps we can look closer at deployment configurations or particular platforms. On the other hand, if certain functional areas have more defects in production, then we know somehow these escaped and that we need either more training in these areas or more focus. This type of analysis helps us to get even better and focus on those parts of the software that have the most risk. Software quality is of course, about more than defects. Many say that user satisfaction is the most important. However, with too many defects in production, its hard for users to be satisfied! So we believe that focusing on processes and skills that reduce defects in the field, or increase defect removal efficiency is the way to go. And when we win, our clients win. Party on!


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