Best Practices in Mobile Device Lab Design

Designing and maintaining a mobile device lab is a high priority when developing and testing today’s mobile apps, but where do you start? Should you use a public cloud or set up your own lab on-site? Or maybe you want to do a hybrid and use both? Even more important, what kind of devices should you include?

Guest presenter and mobile strategy expert Costa Avradopoulos of Avracom joins XBOSoft CEO and host Philip Lew for the webinar Designing a Mobile Device Lab. In this session, we cover:

  • Pros and cons of local vs. public cloud device labs
  • Choosing the appropriate mix of unique devices to ensure proper test coverage
  • Core components of building a world class device lab
  • Evaluation criteria to consider when comparing options

Benefits for each member of the mobile-applications development team in this webinar include:

  • For developers – an easy way to reproduce defects and the ability to reserve a time on a device or set of devices in advance
  • For QA managers – improve planning for test coverage and device usage; better control over mobile applications under test
  • For lab managers – a 24×7 continuous testing environment for mobile apps
  • For manual testers – streamline test execution by using a desktop with remote control tools and screen/video capture for logging defects
  • For automation engineers – automate tests via desktop, reserve devices, & generate reports
  • For the security team – resource access from the cloud within your company firewall
  • For executives – reduce device procurement costs, decrease time-to-market, and improve the user experience

View this informative XBOSoft webinar to learn more about building your own device lab for effective mobile apps testing.


Slides:[slideshare id=52951516&doc=xbosoftmobiledevicelabwebinar-costaavradopoulos91815-150918232345-lva1-app6891]

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