Jon Hagar, who will be the guest on our upcoming April 3 webinar, has dedicated his career to improving software testing methods and standards. After a long and successful career at aerospace giant Lockheed Martin, he founded Grand Software Testing, which he runs today. As a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Hagar works to develop standards for testing and generally to enhance the profession.


Hagar will be discussing the challenges presented to developers and software testers by the Mobile IoT era. Our CEO, Philip Lew, will be asking Hagar about those challenges and what solutions are emerging. The two QA professionals are friends as well as colleagues. We asked Lew to talk about his relationship with Hagar and to offer his reasons for wanting to share webinar time with him to discuss mobile IoT testing. Here’s what he had to say:

With the many webinar candidates you could interview for our webinar, why did you ask Jon to share this one with you?

Lew: I have a personal relationship with Jon and we have enjoyed working together on many projects for clients. Over the years, we meet at various conferences and always enjoy each other’s company since we are fellow vegetarians. We also share many of the same athletic interests. Although Jon is not a road cyclist, he does mountain bike and hike quite a bit.

What professional credentials does he bring to the webinar audience?

Lew: Professionally, he has quite a resume. He worked for years at Lockheed-Martin, founded his own company and volunteers with IEEE. He is an editor of an ISO Standard, 29119, and wrote a book, “Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Devices.” That’s pretty big. He speaks at many conferences, including Mobile Dev and Test, Star East, Star West.

What would you say is Jon reputation among his QA peers?

Lew: Jon has an excellent reputation amongst his peers. He tends to not subscribe to any particular testing philosophy and has an open mind in listening to others’ ideas and feedback.

What have you learned from your professional relationship with Jon about quality assurance and testing practices?

Lew: Jon is an expert in combinatorial math and combinatorial methods applied to testing. Combinatorial mathematics is an interest of mine since academia, where I majored in operations research. But other than that, in particular, he is an expert on when and when not to apply combinatorial math to pairwise testing. As many of our clients struggle with reducing the number of test cases and getting the most for their test efforts, applying pairwise testing concepts is always of interest.