A couple of important questions asked during our mobile performance webinar ponder the effect of temperature on mobile apps – and advice on best tools to test mobile devices performance. XBOSoft answers…


Q: How does temp extremes effect mobile apps – extreme cold and heat?

A: Extreme temperatures impact the physical device, but not the software application itself. If it is too hot, your phone will automatically shut down or reduce performance by shutting down unnecessary services. The same will happen when it is too cold. All devices, if you look at the manual of any device, you will see the ‘operating temperature’.


Q: Do you have any preference with tools when performance testing mobile devices?

For “performance testing mobile devices”, we assume you mean software running on mobile devices? When analyzing performance of software running on mobile devices, you need to think of 3 viewpoints. The first is the local performance of the application on the device, the second is the performance of the application over the network and its different variations as we discussed in the webinar. The third is the performance of the application as it interacts with the server. For each of these 3 parts there are different tools to use. You can look at our whitepapers which explain the issues involved and some of the tools we use. Download our Mobile Performance Whitepaper to learn more:

Mobile Performance Testing – Techniques and Tips for Local Mobile App Testing Download this free white paper and learn some of the latest techniques for pinpointing local mobile app performance bottlenecks.

Mobile Performance Testing – Techniques and Tips for Server Performance Download this free white paper for the latest tests and methods for analyzing mobile app server performance issues.