Recently, Phil Lew, CEO of XBOSoft was asked to write a piece on his experience using Google Glass wearable technology….

I’m writing this after 2 months of using Google Glass. As a mobile usability and UX guy, I’ve been talking a lot about wearables lately and how they will be transforming the mobile industry as they collect contextual data from the body and around the body (the environment and surroundings of the wearer).

These data streams will go through the mobile smartphone which will then of course, sends the data wherever, sometimes with our knowledge and unfortunately often times without via those ‘accept these terms’ agreements that we click and approve without batting an eye. I’ll be giving at talk at Mobile Dev-Test about wearables in April 2015 so come pay me a visit and tell me your latest ‘wearable’ story or wearable application that you really love (or hate).


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