San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 20, 2017

The changes that have altered the healthcare data landscape in the past decade have created substantial challenges for the makers and users of healthcare software. Healthcare IT departments have often struggled to keep up with demands from healthcare providers, patients and government regulators. That’s why healthcare software developer Mobile MedSoft has partnered over time with XBOSoft to manage its quality assurance: XBOSoft consistently delivers high quality services and ensures that, when Mobile MedSoft releases a new product, it performs as expected.

Mobile MedSoft–which develops healthcare software and enterprise solutions for pharmacies and long-term care providers of all types—has truly depended upon XBOSoft’s services to grow its business. XBOSoft’s engineers and testers have gained real insight into the unique quality assurance challenges faced by those in the healthcare field.

“Since we began working with XBOSoft as our quality assurance partner five years ago, our entire process of developing and releasing new software has become much smoother and more efficient,” said Duke Yetter, President and CEO of Mobile MedSoft. “It’s resulted in a much better experience for our customers–they’re getting high quality products that perform as expected.”

Yetter said key factors in the success of the partnership between the companies are the depth of industry knowledge on the part of the XBOSoft team, the close relationship between testers and developers, the attention to detail of XBOSoft’s team, and higher level quality consulting offered by XBOSoft to healthcare software customers.

“They don’t just test software, they offer advice on industry best practices. They point us strategically in the right direction,” Yetter said.

While XBOSoft’s software quality process consulting team can address issues across a range of industries, it has developed special expertise in mobile, healthcare and finance sectors.

“Because of our long-term relationships with clients like Mobile MedSoft, our team members become experts in our clients’ businesses,” said CEO and Founder Philip Lew. “We can speak their language. We understand the unique challenges they face.”

XBOSoft was on site in Februray at perhaps the most significant healthcare IT trade show of the year, HiMSS17 in Orlando, FL. There, Lew was able to discuss one-on-one with attendees the pain points of healthcare software development and the methods used by XBOSoft to address them.

“To XBOSoft, quality is not just about testing software to find the defects,” Lew says. “We take a holistic approach to our client’s product quality, evaluating not only the software, but the systems and processes that are in place to develop the products.”

Headquartered in San Francisco, XBOSoft has offices in the U.S. and China. Services include both onsite and virtual consulting designed to deliver quality assurance assessments and advice on best practices.

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