April 26 2012 together with our friends from www.go2group.com we did a very successful webinar on Agile Testing.

Mike Maheu and Shawn Song discussed their experiences setting up, implementing, and working in agile QA in co-located and distributed teams.

We had a fireside chat set up where listeners could contribute and ask questions to the speakers directly.

To avoid chaos this was moderated very well by Wil Anderson.

Since the discussion and questions went on after the scheduled end time we will put up a doc soon for reference where Mike and Shawn will answer the questions that were not sufficiently answered during the webinar. The link will be posted as an update.

For those of you that are interested in Agile Development, Agile QA and Agile Project Management we will do another webinar on Agile next month (May 24 at 10 AM EST) with a strong focus on project management and tooling.

Agile Project Management With JIRA & GreenHopper

See you soon!