Explore the purpose, best use and benefits of ISO 29119

There has been much debate in the software test community about whether or not ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 software testing standards should be “stopped.” Jon Hagar joins XBOSoft CEO Phil Lew for Inside ISO 29119 Exposed to look past the debate and provide introductory information on what, exactly, is in the standards and how they may be of use to projects.

ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 test standards parts have been published for almost two years, and there are organizations in the world that are using them. This webinar:

  • Presents outline information contained in each part
  • Considers how each standard can be tailored for use to fit the test context of a project or organization
  • Defines best potential users and use situations and benefits

Jon Hagar is a systems-software tester consultant and trainer with over thirty-five years’ experience and is a lead editor/author on numerous international standards including ISO 29119 software testing. In this informative XBOSoft webinar, Hagar shares his expertise and helps shed light on the “better parts” of the controversial ISO testing mandates.

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