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As I start to think about my talk on IoT Quality Challenges at The Practical Software Quality and Testing Conference in August, it’s hard not to think about IoT without thinking about wearables. Wearables are just one facet of IoT, but for the average Joe not involved in industrial IoT, wearables hit you in the face.

I’ve been thinking about their impact on our lives and behavior and it smacks me in the face everyday. I walk to work regularly, and sometimes I have to yell out to the guy walking in the other direction, “Hey look up, watch out!” as they have their head buried either in their watch or their phone. It’s now illegal in most states to talk on your phone without a wireless headset while driving, so I’m wondering: should it be illegal to walk while looking down at your phone? How many people have been injured or killed as a result of doing so? Aside from safety, there are so many quality challenges. Here are a few of the big ones.

IoT Quality Challenges:

  1. User profiles and scenarios – With web XBOSoft Knowledge Center - Blogapp testing, our paradigm was a person behind a desk or on their laptop. Then we moved to mobile, which widened the scope. However, with IoT, the scope of reach, and therefore the types of users and what they or machines will be doing, is unfathomable.
  2. Data – Yes, it is Big and IoT is the reason that data is multiplying like guppies. The age old question is that with all of the processing, algorithms, aggregations and loading, who has access to what?
  3. Connectivity and integration – This is probably the biggest factor that will drive testers crazy. As more and more software gets “componentized,” we sometimes cannot see beyond the wall. We will have to test for that stuff on the other side of the interface, and there will be many interfaces. Not easy.

I’ve listed only three IoT quality challenges that come to mind at the moment. As I ride my bike this summer, I’m sure I’ll think of many more. Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts!