Another great set of questions during our Agile Metrics webinar were answered by our CEO of XBOSoft Philip Lew…

Metrics in User Stories

Q: How feasible and easy can it be to include metrics as a requirements in user stories?

By ‘arranging metrics’, we suppose you mean defining and implementing metrics as a requirement or part of user stories? If this is the case, then metrics should actually be a task as part of the sprint. This includes the tracking, recording and reporting, just as testing would be a task with time estimates.

ISO standards in Agile Processes

Q: There is a whole set of ISO standards (the 25000 series) that covers measurement models, frameworks, etc., explaining what is on the current slide in a standard fashion. Are the speakers aware of this?

Those are standards for modelling quality and they do have a certain attribute that are predefined and a lot of those attributes can be used to measure and look at the quality of the software. The only thing about those standards is that they don’t really apply to agile processes, and they’re not necessarily meant to apply to processes. So we need to take a look at the processes that lead to the results which is quality so like I was saying earlier, in terms of a measurement framework we need to have measurements in the beginning of the process, which is measuring our people and the quality of our people. We need to have measurements and metrics which is actually the doings, how things work and the process itself and then we need to have measurements and metrics at the end which is where the ISO standard applies to and measuring the actual end quality, whether it be the product quality or the end user point of view and from ISO point of view they call that system quality in use.