In last week’s webinar, Shaun Bradshaw with Zenergy Technologies, discussed how to use the ‘S-Curve’ in managing testing projects. First he discussed metrics in general and where they should can should not be used. In particular, he discussed context and how there are always interpretations and assumptions that go with metrics. These interpretations and assumptions are key in using metrics and are one of the most prevalent reasons that metrics fail.

Then he discussed the Rayleigh distribution based S-curve which plots out effort over a given time frame. By first estimating the amount of effort that should be expended in a project, and then using real data to compare against what has been predicted, he showed how you can see when things are going off track. When things go off track, you need to make interpretations based on many other project factors, and he showed how he was able to do this in a real project where a company was doing a 3 week test regression cycle.

The webinar ran a little over an hour, and showed how managing testing projects can be done in real-life using test metrics.

You can get the slides here.