Testing Agile: What Do Testers Do and What Should They Do Within in an Agile Team?

Are you Testing Agile? or doing Agile Testing? Originally Agile was an adjective, not a noun. Since it transformed into a noun (a software development process; some would say a management process), many things have transpired. Well, if you have a scrum coach and a team that can follow instructions, you’re guaranteed success, right? Wrong. Your team might excel at taking orders, but they also might be more dysfunctional than you’re aware. And for all you know, that cookie cutter scrum book isn’t thorough or complete. Without healthy organizational habits and proper planning, your Agile efforts are useless.

If you’re wondering how you can optimize your agile testing process, Philip Lew will share his insights Agile Testing in the trenches. In this talk, Phil will cover some issues such as test plans and test cases. How much documentation is really needed? You’ll learn where testing fits into the Agile process, as well as how to implement integrate into a team to contribute from the beginning.

He’ll also share how to take the reigns of your Agile efforts and ensure the long-term success you envision for your team. While walking through agile principles, you’ll learn how they’ve been implemented in the trenches, and how to craft your own version of Agile that best suits your needs.

Thanks to Coaching Agile Journeys and Heidi Araya for inviting XBOSoft to discuss Testing in Agile. We covered a lot of ground and time was tight, but we hope that the audience got a few take-aways that they can implement in their agile teams right away.


Recording courtesy of Coaching Agile Journeys.


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