XBOSoft takes its quality assurance and performance testing show on the road to San Francisco and Orlando

Anyone who regularly attends trade shows knows they can be both exhilarating and exhausting. But there’s also no better way for companies to get the word out about their products and services to a crowd of interested listeners.

That’s why XBOSoft attended back-to-back trade shows in February. We intend to make 2017 — our 10th year in business — a break-out year. CEO Philip Lew and Vice President Stephen Gohres set the pace for the year by meeting and greeting attendees at the DeveloperWeek show in San Francisco Feb. 12-15, and then jetting to Orlando for the massive HiMSS17 the following Sunday.

CEO Phil Lew is talking to attendees about XBOSoft's QA services.

CEO Phil Lew talks to attendees about XBOSoft’s QA services.

Luckily, this experience swung much more toward “exhilarating” as attendees flocked to the colorful XBOSoft booth to find out more about our quality assurance and performance testing consulting services. Maybe they partially drawn in by Lew’s eye-catching bike gear, or Gohres’ baseball cap as well. But the pair spent several packed days explaining XBOSoft’s services and how XBOSoft differs from the competition.

XBOSoft had "Making QA Great Again" hats, and cycling jerseys for attendees to remember them by.

XBOSoft had “Making QA Great Again” hats, and cycling jerseys for attendees to remember them by.

“Companies that have ongoing software defects know they need help but they have a kind of inertia about seeking it,” Gohres said. “A trade show is a place where they can speak confidentially about their issues and take that first step toward doing something to address them.”

Connecting with Attendees

DeveloperWeek, held at Pier 27 on San Francisco’s Embarcadero waterfront, drew a wide range of exhibitors, from industry giants like Oracle to  tech start-ups looking  for answers.

“This was our first time at the show,” Lew said. “We were surprised at the activity at  our booth and the number of leads we generated. We’ll be back next year!”

That was the mere warm-up for the main event: HiMSS17. It’s the largest healthcare IT show in the world, with hundreds of exhibitors, all focused on various aspects of software management. Every conceivable player in the healthcare field was on site, and the crowd kept Lew and Gohres occupied from the moment the show opened until the booths came down.

The two-man team did informal surveys at both shows, asking booth visitors to share their top software quality issues.

“It’s hard to describe just how huge this show is,” Gohres said. “It’s a great place to learn more about the pain points people have with their software, and to explain to them how we can help with those.”

A winner (middle) of an XBOSoft cycling jersey, awarded from a company raffle the last day of the trade show.

A winner (middle) of an XBOSoft cycling jersey, awarded from a company raffle the last day of the trade show.

At DeveloperWeek, one-third of survey respondents listed “fitting testing into agile processes” as their No. 1 headache; another 26 percent said their top issue was “not enough time for regression and integration testing.”

At HiMSS, security of a mobile app was far and away the most important issue cited by those who took our survey.

All in all, it was a hectic, but productive,  two weeks for the two-man team from XBOSoft. “High quality shows and high quality leads,” Lew said. “We’ll definitely be back for both of them in 2018!”