According to this chart from StatCounter, that depicts the total US internet traffic (as measured by StatCounter), in June 2012 approximately 10 percent of all Internet traffic is coming from mobile devices.

And the trend is up.

StatCounter mobile vs desktop US monthly 200812 201206

This should not come to a surprise. I assume we all experience using our mobile for more and more online activities and I would not be surprised if many of our readers already spend more than 10 % of their total online time on one of their mobile devices.

We see the same happening with our clients and the attention they direct towards mobile software development. The market is clearly moving towards mobile computing.

With the importance of mobile software growing rapidly, the importance of the quality of mobile software and mobile application testing is growing as well.

Obviously there are many aspects to software quality but because of personal interest and professional experience Newman and I decided to delve into mobile performance testing a bit deeper.

The next couple of weeks we will look into the different tools that are currently available and share our findings with you here.

Stay tuned!