Mobile applications continue to multiply as do the various types of mobile devices and operating systems. Testing these mobile applications has become quite a challenge as our eyes and fingers tire of repetitive steps and are thus prone to mistakes, not only as users but as testers too!. So, many mobile test automation tools have come to rescue to help save our eyes and time.

Appium is an open-source mobile test automation tool now commonly used on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. However, as with many open-source tools, getting started is not that easy and the instructions and documentation often need workarounds.

We took a look at mobile test automation using Appium for Windows and found that the directions and documentation on the ‘official’ site are not very clear. Installing is one thing, but actually using it for real script writing requires a little finesse. I was able to document the process in this short Appium tutorial which we put on our website here. In the tutorial, I’ve outlined a basic process for getting Appium up and started and put in some tips to help you avoid some of the pitfalls in installing and using Appium on Windows. I also put in an example using Java.