In our webinar back in April with @QA_nna, we had so many questions we couldn’t answer during the webinar. One question related specifically to mobile test automation value: “How much value can automation add to mobile apps projects? Is it recommended to go for automation in such projects? They are usually of short duration.” We’ll attempt to address this question here.

Firstly, the primary consideration is the length of the project. You are right that some mobile projects are short term, but these are mostly information based where the information is rather static, and/or the functionality is static and usually quite basic. As we move forward, mobile applications are becoming just as complex as web applications and perhaps even more complex due to their well-known typical constraints. Almost all of our clients that have started with just WebApps are developing MobileApps to complement their functionality. And these MobileApps change and add functions just as the WebApps they complement. In other words, the mobile projects we are encountering now and in the foreseeable future will not be simple information-based sites, but complex applications that continue to grow in functionality.

Given that, yes. Mobile test automation value can still be achieved, but it must be done with the same strategy as with any test automation project. That is test smartly, and judiciously. You can’t automate everything and you should choose a tool that can meet your current needs and grow with you and your project. We often use Appium as it is cross platform and open-source. As the market for mobile test automation tools has matured, there are many to choose from.