We had another great webinar thanks to our panelists’ awesomeness in sharing their expertise and experience in our session Mobile Testing Trends. As mentioned in the webinar, we based much of its basic content on our Mobile Testing Report – 2015 which invited our panelists to comment, augment and expand upon with their ideas and knowledge. Some of the summary points included:

Security – As Lloyd Bell  pointed out, many mobile development shops don’t focus enough on security. This will become more important as data becomes more personal. Who really reads the user agreement? Or do you just scroll to the bottom and ‘accept’?

Data – As Raj Subramanian said, mobile is hot now. But in a few years it will be all about big data. Mobile will be a conduit for all the data coming from various sensors via the internet of things.

User Experience – As pointed out by Melissa  Tondi, she was pleased to see that so many organizations are recognizing that UX is critical to the success of an app. If you don’t have a good UX, you’ll get pounded by your users in the app stores, no matter how great the functionality is.

Automation – Applications are becoming much more complex and are no longer short term. As mentioned by Lloyd, his mobile QA teams are continuously expanding. Projects are also becoming larger and while automation can’t tackle everything, there is still a place for automation in mobile testing. Some tools were discussed including Appium and others. Of course, some things need to be tested manually and there is not replacement for the human eye.

Platform coverage – While it would be nice to have unlimited resources, most organizations can obtain 90% coverage by selecting a handful of devices (usually 6-10).

Again, thanks to our panelists. I’m sure we only skimmed the surface, but hope we provided some food for thought not only for Mobile Testing Trends today, but for the foreseeable future (6 months:))

Here are the slides.

If you want to see the recording and hear direct from the experts, here’s the recording: