Mobile web performance is about increasing the speed in which web pages are downloaded, and displayed on the user’s web browser.  In today’s fast paced world customers don’t want to be slowed down, seconds matter when it comes to satisfaction and increasing or losing sales .

The landscape for mobile device configurations, network connectivity and mobile application frameworks is constantly changing.  This means organizations should frequently re-examine thinking and practices for optimizing mobile applications.

Whether it’s a move to responsive design, toolkit upgrade or complete application transformation the enhanced speed and capacity of physical device resources should always translate into application performance and efficiency.

On January 7 at 10am EST Webinar hosts Philip Lew and Mark Tomlinson will provide an informative discussion and review of mobile web performance.

This webinar will help enhance understanding of mobile web performance optimization rules and techniques.   Speakers will draw on the industry’s best sources to share up-to-date techniques with software quality assurance and development practitioners in attendance.

“I’m looking forward to sharing this update to our understanding of all the commonly-accepted mobile performance optimization guidelines.  We’ve got new devices and upgrades to existing devices that have the potential to remove the common barriers to full-speed mobile application performance” says  Mark Tomlinson.

If you cannot attend live, register to receive a copy of the recording.

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