For those of you that had questions or missed our webinar on Mobile Web Performance Optimization, with Mark Tomlinson and Phil Lew, one of the questions during/after the webinar was:

“Can you recommend some good/popular mobile performance testing tools?”

And the answer is…

There are a lot of different tools for different purposes or aspects of mobile web performance testing. Choosing a tool depends on what you want to test or analyze. Generally, you need tools to generate load, monitor mobile status, measure load time, and gather test data amongst other objectives:

  1. To generate load on server, it is similar to traditional performance tests. In this area, tools like Loadrunner, Jmeter and others can help.
  2. To monitor mobile, for android, System Monitor can be used. Also, Quadrant can be used to measure CPU, memory, I/O and other system resources.
  3. To measure web load time, Mobitest is one option. If your target is a native application, Compuware may also be a potential candidate.
  4. To gather test data, we sometimes use a cloud service, like jdrop.

For mobile web performance testing, we use these tools and many others. It’s often not about the tool, but what your specific goal is for the testing and if that tool can provide that specific information, and if you have the expertise to configure and use the tool. We often use a few tools to collect the same information as a way to cross check the tool’s data and accuracy.