Agile Storytelling is a powerful tool to elevate even the most diehard requirements analyst from a discussion of individual requirements to a discussion of outcomes. Outcomes are the big picture that acts as an anchor for whole efforts and which is continuously broken down into more and more detailed backlogs. The onion metaphor popularly used in Agile planning, Cohn’s Planning Onion, can be used to describe the evolution of these backlogs.

Software industry professional Tom Cagley explains how building an initial backlog is much like peeling through the layers of an onion to get to the core. Watch this hour-long XBOSoft webinar, titled Storytelling: Discover the Big Picture for Agile Efforts, as Cagley uses the onion metaphor to teach participants how to understand the big picture before getting to the center of the backlog evolution onion composed of features, epics, and user stories.

In this webinar, Cagley covers:

  • The many mechanisms for developing and maintaining detailed backlogs, including asking, observing and showing.
  • Hybrids of these mechanisms.
  • The different layers of the planning onion.

About Our Guest Presenter

tom-cagleyTom Cagley is DCG’s Vice President of Consulting. Tom leads DCG’s Agile, Software Estimation and Measurement practices. He is experienced in transforming complex organization based on culturally relevant practices ranging from Agile, Lean or CMMI. His wide range of experience in the estimation space ranges from participating in the development and support commercial products to aiding clients in the development internal proprietary tools is a unique qualification in the market. He is also highly experienced in counting and using function points (IFPUG 4.3) and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) as President. Visit his blog on Software Process and Measurement at




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