Why should you outsource software testing?


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Besides the potential cost benefits, outsourcing software testing to an external software testing service provider can help relieve you of the stress of managing staff and provide more flexibility. What’s more is that working with an external vendor also provides access to expertise which is often broader and deeper than what makes sense to retain in-house.

Outsourcing, used here in the broad sense of utilizing an external company located either on- or offshore, provides these benefits for your team.

Cost Benefits

One of the main reasons for deciding to outsource an activity is that another company can do it more efficiently (cheaper) than you can do yourself. This also applies to the testing and quality assurance field where, due to its location or a different management style, a vendor may be able to provide similar services at a lower rate. Although the costs might not be much lower, it’s still less expensive than testing in-house.


Even with Agile development and frequent releases, the work load for testers often fluctuates. Having an external team can help to provide the flexibility needed without adding fixed costs.

Extra Expertise

Developing high quality software is complex and requires expansive expertise in areas such as usability, performance, and security. To cover all of the required testing types with internal resources may be difficult, expensive, or time consuming to do, especially if you have to hire people in to assist or provide extra training.

So what is the best way to work with an external testing team?

Outsourcing software testing means you can benefit from each of these separately, but the best outcome can be had when you combine all three. Think of it as the same way you manage your housekeeping, change the oil in your car, or take care of gardening at home. Could you do these things yourself? Absolutely. But you can choose not to. Finding the tools you need to accomplish those tasks and then actually performing them can be a waste of time and energy. Sometimes, it’s more strategic to develop software, focusing on what you do best, while allowing an outsourced team to focus on testing – something they do best.