PNSQC (Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference 2014) Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts sounds ‘official’ but actually, it’s official lingo for “if you’ve got any ideas to share or solved any problems how about taking this opportunity to share them with other software quality practitioners”.

As a member of the organizing committee for PNSQC 2014, I’d like to personally reach out to all XBOSoft friends, family and colleagues to submit an abstract. This is a fantastic conference with a groundswell of software quality community support both in academia and industry. What’s unique about the conference is that each abstract is also complemented by a research paper. Research papers, however, unlike academia, don’t have to have a bunch of formulas and a long bibliography. Rather, they can be descriptions of some hands-on way you solved a problem that others would love to know about.

I did a short video on just how easy it is, and presented last year and the year before as well. Not only is it a great way to share ideas with others, but you can attend all the other authors’ talks and learn from them as well as gain professional recognition. All the whilst getting free admission to the conference! How can you beat that?

Click here and submit an abstract today!

Phil Lew; CEO, XBOSoft, Inc.