About Roblox

Roblox is the world’s leading user-generated content gaming and digital human coexperience platform. The company provides players with the tools and infrastructure to build and play their own games. In addition, since it is an open-source platform, Roblox allows users to generate their content. As such, millions of individual developers have used these tools to publish the millions of games that are currently hosted on the Roblox platform.Roblox Logo


To expand in new markets, the company has formed several Joint Ventures with premium partners to help bring the Roblox platform to game builders all over the world. The main challenges of this new direction for the company can be listed as follow:

❖ The ability to host its platform on these JV partners’ server infrastructure,

❖ The need to publish its application on multiple operating systems such as iOS, Android, PC, and Mac,

❖ The plurality of game titles,

❖ Compliance with the local government requirements for video game content,

❖ Finding a (g)local Quality assurance firm that could help execute the plan while communicating in the local and Headquarters languages.

Key requirements

  • Full App Functionality testing of sign-up and log-in, item browsing and purchase, avatar customization, friending, chatting, and launching into and ensuring basic functionality within the gameplay,
  • Translation quality testing (English to the local language) to flag any missing translations and ensure contextual translations,
  • Compliance testing of the local government regulations, including text filtering and age-appropriate policies,
  • Compatibility testing across various desktop configurations and mobile devices that are popular in the local market (including more than 300 Androids devices, iOS mobiles, tablets or iPads, Windows PC, and Mac),
  • App Performance testing,
  • Being able to sync and communicate with the testers of its head-quarter and to work during US business hours,
  • Measure performance of launch and load times,
  • Functionality testing.

XBOSoft Input

XBOSoft has performed a system-level test for Roblox’s Joint Venture, which helped them successfully get the local market game license. XBOSoft also performed functional, localization, compliance check, compatibility, and performance tests for the local Roblox application & studio.

XBOSoft has provided over two years of QA service for Roblox US / Local market that covers Roblox Application & Studio products:

#Functional Test

  • Daily Smoke on Application LIVE builds
  • Weekly full regression on release candidate builds
  • Cross cover multiple platforms

Application: Android, iOS, Windows

Studio: Windows, Mac

#Non-functional Test

  • Compliance Check
  • Localization Test
  • Mobile platforms’ performance analysis (with PerfDog)
  • Compatibility Test (on different explorers)


  • Under-aged users’ screen time rules
  • Real-name verification rules for games’ sign up

#Close communication/rapport

  • Regular sync up meetings
  • Multi-collaborative online doc/report/results for status/issue tracking
  • Regular test report (daily & weekly email)

#Emergency Support

  • First-hand support on any emergencies via call, meeting.

#Multiple models of mobile/tablets devices’ user experiences

  • Log catch/analysis on Android/iOS/Windows/Mac


Value-added Input from XBOSoft

#Found more than 3,000 valid bugs

  • Including functional, performance, compliance, localization, UI/UE, compatibility issues,
  • More than 30% are high severity issues.

#Rich experience in game-testing helping Roblox

  • Finding/reporting the wired game/app behavior,
  • Root Cause Analysis (client/server-side issue), which provide further helps to fix issues more effectively.

#Understanding of local market compliance rules and pain points



  • Local Joint Venture can release applications on a weekly basis.
  • Full compliance with local government rules achieved
  • Found and removed critical bugs, which helped our clients to constantly improve quality.
  • Thanks to our regression and force upgrade tests, the Local Application was released to application shops on both Android/ iOS successfully 40 times from last July to the end of last year.
  • High client trust as XBOSoft clear and concise bugs reports, with related screenshots/video or valuable logs enable quick troubleshooting and fixes.



“Thank you, especially when ensuring quick emergency support over the past two years and helping us even on our weekends or holidays.”


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