Agile Testing Seminar September 4, 2013 – from 15.30 – 18:00 pm at the Cabarello Fabriek in Den Haag, The Netherlands

The seminar will feature information on optimizing agile testing processes and managing agile testing teams.

Four expert speakers will share their experiences and best practices for agile testing strategies and managing (distributed) agile teams. Attendees consist of people responsible for the software quality of agile teams and during and after the presentations there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss issues and ideas with peers.

Join us at this agile testing seminar for:

  • Agile tricks for boosting software quality
  • Ideas for successfully managing distributed agile teams
  • Participation in a group discussion based on lessons learned 

Respond today to enhance your knowledge of this growing trend – space is limited.



Agile and QA seem like a tricky combination at first but we’ve learned they actually fit each other perfectly. I hope this seminar can help others implement the 5 key lessons that we’ve learned implementing Agile QA.” Kamiel Wanrooij, guest speaker and Senior Vice President of Engineering at TIE Kinetix.

Roland Fellinger, test coordinator/quality assurance manager TJIP (not pictured) shares insights on managing distributed agile teams .

shawn shang at agile testing seminar

Shawn Shang, XBOSoft project manager presents on distributed test team management with Roland.

Vivian Wiersum agile testing seminar

Vivian Wiersum, Consultant at TJIP will share her experience working on global agile teams.

The event will be held at the Caballero Fabriek in Den Haag. Directions can be found here.

Contact Pierre Looman for details or to attend this agile testing seminar at Pierre.looman

[at] or 31(0) 884041000 or 31(0) 611720813 .