The software industry is going mobile. Should you use a dedicated mobile testing team?

The past years we have experienced a steep increase in the demand for mobile QA and mobile testing.

While many QA and testing aspects are similar to working with non mobile software, there are some significant differences such as networks, users with a plethora of different devices, appstores etc. and we are often asked how to best set up a mobile QA process.

So we thought it would be interesting to do a study on how companies do mobile QA and testing. The results can be used as a benchmark or to get ideas on where the industry is going or where to improve.

One of our preliminary findings for instance is that many companies are using a dedicated mobile testing team for their mobile efforts, showing the importance these organizations attach to their mobile software.

mobile QA


Our survey will be up till the beginning of January, respondents will get a free copy of the report.

Please participate here:

The report will be based on the survey and interviews.