SilkTest® is a well-known test automation tool. It was originally produced by Segue Software, and then acquired by Borland, and now belongs to Micro Focus. I’ve worked with it for 5 years and have had good success in my projects. From my point of view, there are 3 key elements when doing projects for our clients:

  1. Script design & maintenance
  2. Script execution
  3. Results reporting

The top question from our clients normally is: How can I see the automation results on the fly?

The SilkTest® built-in result or logging system can’t do this directly, so you have to use the API combined with some database operations. We can use these methods to write all the execution results into a remote database during script execution; then write some ASP pages to retrieve the data from the database; then deploy the pages to an application server like IIS and finally post the site publicly. Then, your client can log into the ASP site and read the automation status and results at any time.

Another benefit is that the site is very easy to clone to apply to new automation projects or products. Simply change the database information, SilkTest® parameters and a new site deployment in IIS. Sounds cool? For more information, download this free whitepaper.