One of the most important elements of success for the mobile smartwatch that many vendors don’t consider (including Apple Watch ) is that wearables are, for the most part, considered replaceable and almost expendable.

mobile wearables wearability

Do you really want a smartwatch? Willing to pay for something that you’ll throw away soon?

What does that mean? That pricing has to be indicative of this mindset. But some smartwatches have a pretty hefty price tag.

Does value measure up?

I was sitting at lunch during my Mobile Wearables luncheon session at Better Software Conference West (#BSCADC by @techwell), and several questions came up regarding smartwatch issues and their value given the price:

  • Do I want to buy a $500 device that will be obsolete in a year?
  • Do I want to upgrade my operating system on my smartwatch , knowing that it will probably slow down?
  • Will I be able to upgrade the software or will my “old watch” that is maybe 2 years old be upgradeable?
  • Do I want to replace my $5000 Omega with a smartwatch ? I don’t know about that!

So in most cases, people are thinking that their smartwatch will only last for a year or two. The question is, who is willing to spend $399 on a watch that will last 1-2 years? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an anti-smartwatch guy. But we have to think a lot more deeply about spending $400 dollars for a smartwatch versus a $99 fitness wearable. This was just one of many smartwatch issues that came up not only during my lunchtime roundtable at Better Software Conference West, but also during my one hour talk on Mobile Wearables.