How To Write a Successful Test Case

In the age of internet of all things, cloud computing, mobile communication, advanced extreme programming, exploratory testing, we still do not have a clear definition of how to write a test case.

How do you make your way through the vast amounts of literature found online about test cases – types, review dates, created date, requirements, approvals – to find comprehensive, reliable sources on the art of writing a test case.

QA professional Srilu Pinjala joins XBOSoft for an expert look at how to write clear, measurable and effective test cases in the webinar So You Think You Can Write a Test Case, exploring the finer details of when, how, and who to write for.

A Test Case is Not an Afterthought

Successful test cases are derived from:

  • Asking the right questions and thinking beyond expected results
  • Clearly defining outcomes
  • Observing and verifying results with specificity

A test case is the guide to using an application. It is the document that describes all the things an application is capable of. Addressing questions helps in the testing of applications and, even more essentially, to verify the results.

View So You Think You Can Write a Test Case, and gain fresh insights into creating fail-safe test cases.


Slides:[slideshare id=50485448&doc=soyouthinkyoucanwriteatestcase-xbosoft-1-150713220833-lva1-app6891]

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