Still trying to get to all the questions from the webinar as a pre-cursor to the session I’ll be doing on software quality measurement for the Quest 2014 conference, I’m attacking them a few at a time. We also recorded the webinar, so you may want to view it here.

What is the general improvement (cost %, time % of overall budget/duration of project) seen by implementing a measurements & metrics framework across the industry? This will help make the business case for implementing measurement framework, can you expand on the investment to benefit ratio of implementing a metrics framework?

Another tough question that is very difficult to quantify in direct costs. Think of it this way. If you bought a scale and started weighing yourself everyday (taking a measurement) and the scale costs you $50 dollars. Whether you gain or lose weight is independent of the cost of the scale or the time it takes you to get on the scale, but the practice of getting on the scale, and thinking about what will go into your body prior to weigh in, will give you direct results subconsciously by activities that go into your routine. How can you quantify the value of losing a pound?

How can you quantify the value of reducing defects? How can you quantify the monetary value of quality? You could quantify a reduced defect rate with reduced calls to customer service. Customer service calls can in turn be quantified and assigned a dollar value just by calculating direct costs.

Do you measure project estimates? If so, how?

Project estimates are usually measured in terms of deviation from the forecast versus actual. This can be applied to any project resources such as labor, categories of labor, requirements, etc. It can also be applied to product or process attributes such as defects. You can actually have an expected number of defects and an actual. No one is perfect.

Do you plan to cover balanced score card in this webinar?

Sorry we did not cover a balanced score card for quality for this webinar. Mostly we covered what we thought would be expected via the title, which was Software Quality Metrics Do’s and Don’ts. In the class at the conference, we will cover more in depth.

The balanced scorecard along with many other software quality measurement and software testing measurement will be covered at the conference. Stay tuned.