Some of the research that we’ve been doing on web application quality, quality evaluation, and software quality metrics, has been chosen for presentation at the Quality in Web and Mobile Engineering Track. The title of the paper I’ll be presenting is: Using Web Quality Models and Questionnaires for Web Applications Understanding and Evaluation. Fortunately, our research was also selected as one of the best papers of the conference. So, I’m so lucky… I get to present the paper in the conference main track as well! So if you have a chance to come see me in Lisbon on Sept 3-4, 2012, I’ll take you out for dinner!

Software quality and User Experience

In summary, the paper presents methods to develop measurements and metrics for evaluating software quality. We use an online radio application as a case study, and evaluate the application from a heuristic point of view through inspection, and also conduct surveys to correlate the two. One of the main concepts in the paper being able to specify or instantiate the relationship between product quality and the user experience which we show in this diagram.

Software Quality and Quality in Use Evaluation

Software quality evaluation model showing relationships ‘influences’ and ‘depends on’ as per ISO 25010.

By developing relationships between the characteristics of each, it is possible to then improve one aspect which will drive the improvement of another. This has been ground breaking research, because attempting to connect these two has been very difficult until recently where we can collect data from web applications regarding user behavior. This particular paper, then does verification of that data by presenting a means to use surveys to get the users’ subjective viewpoint to see if it matches their behavior. For instance, if they thought a feature was easy to use (product point of view), then were they able to complete tasks quickly and effectively (making no mistakes), and then how did they feel subjectively about the experience.