We do quite a few automated testing projects with QTP, one of the most popular automated testing tools. As such, as a project manager, I often interview candidates where many say they have QTP “skills” or have QTP “proficiency”. However, it’s prudent to dig a little deeper. Maybe they just read several articles, even watched a demo and they profess they have mastered it. How do you measure his or her level of QTP expertise? How can you judge whether he or she used it hands-on in real projects? When we interview candidates, we divide them into 3 levels (Junior, Intermediate, Senior) and judge them according to the following knowledge and capabilities:

For a Junior QTP tester, he or she maybe just used it in school or just installed it and tried some simple examples. He or she can do following:

◦       Can install and configure some basic items

◦       Know the general work flow

◦       Can record an action and play it back

◦       Modify some basic parameters

◦       Use a few checkpoints to verify the result

For an Intermediate QTP tester, he or she maybe used it in real project, but only with very basic automation requirements. So, he or she should be able to do following:

◦       Good knowledge of VBScript so can program/modify VBS code

◦       Good knowledge of data-driven and parameter driven concepts, so they should be able to manually get/modify an object’s name and configure the connection between a script and a common database resource as Oracle or SQL Server

◦       Can use various checkpoints to verify the result automatically

For a Senior QTP tester, he or she has used QTP in a real project with nearly a full time focus for at least 2 years. They are considered an expert/specialist in automated testing, or even manage other automated testers. He or she should do be able to do the following:

◦       Understand and can create a testing framework

◦       Write complex conditional code to control the entire script flow

◦       Accurately determine which parts/modules/scenarios of an application are fit for use QTP and which are not suitable

◦       Estimate accurately how much time it should take in creating such scripts

◦       Write an interface by .net or java to create a connection between scripts and programs and can use SQL to compare the actual results with expected results

So when you are interviewing testers who claim to have QTP expertise (or any automation tool), be sure to ask detailed questions on how to do the above items in order to demonstrate the stated level of proficiency. Don’t be fooled :)