As a dedicated software testing company, we want to provide as much Software Testing Value as possible by focusing on testing our clients’ software and ensuring that it doesn’t get into the field with post-production defects. Sometimes our client finds defects too as we are not the only QA engineers on the team. Of course we want to minimize that or they don’t need us! To track this, we have a few metrics:

  • Defects found by client / total defects
  • Defects found by XBOSoft / total defects

Of course, these two together will add up to 100%. Firstly, its important to keep the defects they find to a minimum. But, what’s more important is that the client and their customers will probably find different types of defects than we do. We want to learn what these are and figure out why they find them and we don’t. So we need to analyze bugs that they find, reason and type, severity, etc.

Of course we want to improve over time such that they find less and less, and we find more and more! Defects found by the client should decrease over time due to our analysls, which indicates where we need to improve and who (we also analyze defects by person not in numbers, but types found by %) should improve on what categories. This tells us where in the application that we need more training or deeper understanding and could also point to poor documentation or requirements.

Defects By Type By Person

Defects By Type By Person

Merry Duan takes a quick break...

Merry Duan takes a quick break…